Sketching Whitby

It’s nice to be beside the seaside and it was great to be sketching in Whitby on the East coast of the UK for a couple of days last week! As is usual for me trying to capture the places I visit- it’s about recording my visual diary, my ‘snapshots’ of the visit. They are not necessarily images that I create in 10 minutes but they are snapshots to the extent that they are the images that I think epitomize the place and its character. I chose to use a sketchbook (not very successfully as the 200 gsm Fabriano paper didn’t take watercolour well (perhaps it will prompt me to develop my line only and line with pencil work further!) and loose 300 gsm Bockingford watercolour paper. The sketchbook work tends to be more of a diary, perhaps thumbnail sketches, looser and with additional pieces added such as maps.


The individual sheets serve as my main pieces where I am aiming to capture the key essence of the place. They are A4 size. Two of these were done as pen and ink drawings to which colour was added whilst the other two were colour-first (abstract colour followed by line work). These individual sheets are almost the sequel to the diary sketchbook; I’m not sure I would be able to capture them in the same way if I didn’t also have a sketchbook. I am aiming to capture the sea breeze and the feel of the place through my line work and colour.






My work aims to capture a sense of place and occasion. I am available for commission. The main works presented here are available for sale (the coastline/abbey image is available as an original whilst others can be available as prints).

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  1. These are wonderful. They take my breath away.
    –Vivian (San Francisco, California)

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