Edge Lands

Since early 2020 I have been exploring the local landscapes in Saddleworth close to where I have a studio. The moors, woods and valleys in between, including edge lands have been my inspiration and playground. Following extensive exploration on location, using a range of mark making and drawing techniques, I develop paintings in the studio.

I am working towards a two person exhibition at Gallery Oldham in March 2022. I am also releasing works ongoing, about my relationship with and feelings about these wonderful landscapes. The shapes, patterns lines and colours of these landscapes through the seasons have been a source of continued inspiration.

Edge lands blocks

One specific fascination is with the field margins. In this part of the country, there are few hedgerows. What we have instead, is the most wonderful stone walls, mixed with fence posts, wires, and organic planting scrambling around. It is the most wonderful mix of man made and natural ingredients and I am fascinated with them! My paintings are an exploration of these boundaries, part metaphorical, part physical. Here I am sharing the very first 6 small block panels for sale. I tell the story of my explorations and studies on location and back in the studio, via my YouTube channel here. You can also read about it on my studio chat here.

Each of the 6 panels below are 15 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm. Mixed media collage. They can be hung directly on the wall or sat on a shelf or bookcase. £120 each plus PP

Edge lands 1

Edge lands 2 SOLD

Edge lands 3 SOLD

Edge lands 3 mixed media

Edge lands 4

Edge lands 5

Edge lands 6 SOLD

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