#CitiesOfHope Street Art Convention

The #CitiesOfHope Convention took place in Manchester in May 2016 and showcased 10 International Street Artists alongside a number of iconic Manchester artists.  Their work was installed on gable ends and walls across the Northern Quarter and remains there for everyone to see.    Liz was commissioned by the Cities of Hope organisers to create urban drawings of the 10 headline walls, to show the walls in the context of the cityscape and to show something of how they would be viewed within the street scene gallery.  The watercolored illustrations were all created with pen and ink in situ. as reportage pieces.  Colour and text were added back in the studio.  The originals were initially previewed and showcased in Takk Coffee House, The Northern Quarter, Manchester and prints and postcards are being sold to raise money for the 10 Social Justice organisations involved in the project.  Check out the #citiesofhope website:  www.citiesofhope.global for information



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