I am taking part in the #artistsupportpledge. It’s a simple supportive pledge to encourage the flow of income among artists to help the creative community in these challenging times. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have lost a lot of our income: teaching, exhibitions and sales have disappeared. In an attempt to alleviate some of this stress the pledge was set up by Matthew Burrows. The concept is a simple one, artists sell their works for less than £200 (plus postage and packing). Anyone can buy the work. Every time an artist reaches £1000 of sales, they pledge to spend £200 on another artists work. Please take a moment to browse my works on offer. I am adding to them over time. You can contact me directly or via the contact page. Thank you so much and stay safe.

Landscape-Inspired works

All these abstract landscape-inspired works represent a turning point and new way of working for me. I am using mixed media including collage to reflect my feelings about aspects of the landscape. As a landscape designer, I was fascinated by the materiality and layering of elements in the landscape. I am now starting to bring that fascination into my paintings.

My new Lancashire Cotton Mills Series

I am so excited to be offering for sale as part of this initiative, small paintings from my ongoing Lancashire Cotton Mills Series. I have long had a fascination with these most stunning of buildings. As a child, I recall my awe at these impressive and austere buildings on my visits to Manchester. Now I have my studio in an old spinning and weaving mill! Not only am I in love with their stunning physical materiality, but also what they represent within the Lancashire landscape. For me, they are closely associated with belonging and place. A huge part of our industrial heritage. I seek to reflect their material characteristics, and drama as well as their more subtle, ethereal qualities, in decay. I seek to reflect and tell the story of some of the history through the inclusion of vintage texts about aspects of the mills.

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