New Year, New Plans: My 2020 Art Year

I think I’m an organised person, but I’m not sure that it comes naturally! Perhaps its one of those ‘Eat Your Greens, they are good for you’? My 2020 Art Year plan has come about through two motivations:

  • I listened to the Art Juice Podcast: Best Art Year Ever ran by Alice Sheridan and Louise Fletcher in a week-long series of excellent sessions towards the end of 2019. In it they provide a planning template. I have used this as a framework for my 2020 planning.
  • The penny dropped that by setting intentions specifically, it would help me be more productive. Even if plans changed and evolved as the year progressed. I’ve also found that the process has enabled me to be more honest with myself. It has encouraged me to include all aspects of my life, e.g. relaxation, reading and exercise. These things get abandoned if not planned for!! The process has also encouraged me to say no! This is because I am clearer on what I am willing to use my limited time for!
My 2020 Art Year  plans

My 2020 Art Year: The framework

My forward plan consists of 3 key areas:

  • Dreaming (blue sky thinking: the bigger picture; not necessarily all achievable short-term but helpful to make a note of!).
  • Specifics (including checking back at what is/isn’t working). For me, that includes the way I am currently marketing myself and using social media!-I definitely waste too much time !
  • Plan This includes how I want my creative work to evolve and also 3 key projects. These will need to run in parallel with existing planned work including workshops and commissions. Therefore, a reality check is essential!
My 2020 Art Year Plans

Big (Rock) projects

I have three key projects, each very different and with specific measures of success defined. I have developed task lists with timings for each project, so that I can regularly review and try to stay on track:

  • Development of an illustration project: About Ashton. Ashton-Under-Lyne is a mill town near Manchester. The work will consist of a story-telling series of mixed media location-based illustrations and mixed media works.
  • Development of my marketing approaches including evolution of my website. As part of this I will be sharing blogs every 2 weeks. I will also be sharing some videos related to my work processes. I’m doing this to try to reach a wider audience with my work.
  • Continued development of my MixedMedia collage works series about Lancashire cotton mills. I started developing these works at the end of 2019 on the Find Your Voice course run by Louise Fletcher. You can read about it here.

My 2020 Art Year: key focus and key word!

In summary, I intend to focus my art year on the process of making my art. (As well as teaching and selling it!!). My blog (sign up here) and YouTube channel (sign up here) will hopefully reflect this process focus! My process takes the form of writing (Journal) drawing (illustration and on location work) and painting (mixed media collage in the studio). These 3 interwoven strands make up my creative process. My key word for the year is Breathing space. I intend to reflect this within my art work and in my life! Time will tell if all this is achievable!

Happy New Year and Happy planning! Do you plan the year ahead or are you less of a planner? I’d be fascinated to know how you prepare for the year ahead!

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Plans: My 2020 Art Year

  1. I’ve been inspired watching you grow and learn the past couple years, and now I continue to be inspired by your planning and ambitions! My planning is much less ambitious (I’m a lazy retiree 😉 ), but I do it simply by setting 3 to 5 goals per year. They tend to be seasonally/weather-based. For example, during the wet/cold months, I have indoor goals (“attend life drawing practice sessions weekly”). In the summer, I have outdoor goals (“sketch on location at least 3 times a week”). Looking forward to seeing how your year goes!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I like your plan and it certainly doesn’t sound lazy! But it does sound practical which is key. Only time will tell whether my plans are realistic and I will evolve them as I go so that I make them work for me, somehow! Of course, deriving income from my work is key, otherwise I am stuck!

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