My commissioned illustration projects for 2019: a review

I’ve delivered a wide variety of exciting commissioned illustration projects throughout 2019. These include: a number of building-related commercial pieces. A wedding in Cheshire. Several key reportage (visual journalism) illustration projects and a book cover! Although I have shared some of these projects in dedicated blogs, this blog is an overview of some of these illustration projects.

My commissioned illustration projects for 2019: Commercial building-related

As a result of my urban sketching and design backgrounds, I have delivered a number of building-related illustration projects. This year, I have worked on a number of projects. These include The Stock Exchange Hotel, Manchester. Town Images for Citrus Content in Glossop and a series of images of Cobden Mill Court for Greenmount Homes in Ramsbottom (ongoing project). I’ve also delivered a number of private house commissions. The following images capture the range of projects.

Commissioned illustration projects for 2019 Stock Exchange Hotel  Liz Ackerley Art
Commissioned illustration projects for 2019  Citrus Content Liz Ackerley Art
illustration 2019 Cobden Mill ramsbottom Liz Ackerley Art

Reportage Illustration

I have a particular interest in reportage illustration, telling stories through drawing. Therefore, I have often captured events and festivals. ( You can check some of them out here), although my approach lends itself to many types of documentary project. These include research projects, those telling the story of a business or its development, markets, building development, community projects, weddings. The list is almost endless!

I’ve drawn at a number of weddings over several years. You can read more here. This year I was commissioned to draw at an Easter wedding at Holford Estate in Cheshire. A series of images was created to capture the key aspects of the day.

illustration 2019 Holford Estate Wedding  Liz Ackerley Art
Holford Estate Wedding Liz Ackerley Art

The TedxOldham team commissioned me to document their incredible independently organised TED event on 19th July 2019. I attended the whole event and heard the range of speakers and their inspiring stories. I documented it live and shared the images on line.

TedXOldham  Liz Ackerley Art

Manchester Histories and other partners commissioned me as part of the Peterloo2019 programme. I was brought into the From the Crowd project to document in drawings, the process of production of this musical theatre piece. I created 21 drawings (A4 size) and some are available as prints through Manchester Histories. You can read more about the project on my blog here.

Commissioned illustration projects for 2019 Peterloo2019   Liz Ackerley Art
Commissioned illustration projects for 2019 Peterloo2019  Liz Ackerley Art
Commissioned illustration projects for 2019 Peterloo2019  Liz Ackerley Art

A book cover

Previously, I have produced illustrations for brochures for a variety of organisations. This year the Together Trust commissioned me to produce a book cover image. This book documents the 150 year history of the charity. When the book is out, in 2020, I will be able to share the completed image. I was able to produce aspects of the image from life because this historic building is still standing in Manchester-you can read about it and see the process image on their blog here

If you have any questions or comments, do please post them here. If you have a project that you would like to discuss, please do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you and always happy to have some initial discussions even if it’s at the ideas stage. I’m taking commissions for 2020/21 now!

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