My 2019 Studio workshops

This last week I took part in the oneweek100people challenge, promoted through the Urban sketchers social media sites. The idea is that you post your people sketches on line each day and try to hit 100 in the week. This is the first year I actually completed the task and it got me thinking about the importance of continued practice, continually learning and honing skills. This is important both to improve my own art but also to be a good teacher. In two weeks time I will be starting my own series of sketchbook sketching day workshops in my studio.

Over the last several years I have been teaching sketching and drawing at a variety of locations: in art groups; for Manchester Urban Sketchers, at specific venues such as Elizabeth Gaskell House and in studios with others. I have also been learning and developing my own art practice skills in a variety of ways including through workshops and online courses. These help develop and inform my art and are an important part of the process of creating. My studio workshops start on 28th April 2019. This blog explains what they are all about.

Workshop elements

My studio and its surroundings will be the inspiration and subject material for our informal sketchbook explorations. We will focus on key image elements of: line, shape, pattern/texture and colour. Text and the written word will also form part of our storytelling approach. A variety of sketching techniques will be explored so as to develop our repertoire of approaches. These include: my colour first technique, different types of line drawing, single vs multiline sketching for fast results, layering and creating depth in a drawing and much more!

Workshop content

Everyday Stories

This first workshop will focus upon mark making and using a variety of techniques (contour; gesture; colour-first) to capture eclectic items in the studio-much the same way as if you were drawing the everyday back at home. We will then develop interesting Sketchbook pages that tell our own stories of the place and its detail.

Capturing Place

This workshop will focus on drawing the buildings, surrounding properties and street views. We will look at how we create believable sketches of buildings that have a volume and a depth. We will also look at capturing simple views with single and multiple lines; in minutes, rather than hours!. With and without colour! We will explore how to find the best compositions to draw.

People Power

We will look at all manner of people drawing, from individuals to crowds; portraits to cafe sketches; people in motion; people going about everyday tasks. In order to do this, we will explore contour vs gesture drawing; as well as how to add character and individuality. I’ll be sharing lots of hints and tips to help you get the most out of your people drawing. Here are some of my oneweek100people2019 sketches to wet your appetite!

Green and Pleasant Land

 We will explore different approaches to mark making in landscape drawing so that we can create our own narrative for landscape sketching. Form and texture are two key aspects of plant sketching that we will consider, including how these can be depicted in our drawings. We will also consider aspects of layering, depth and tone in landscape sketching.

The final workshop of the series will focus on the techniques of Collage so as to create interesting sketchbook pages and explore aspects of travel and how to create collage works that reflect a trip or visit. We will look at different approaches to creating collage including the incorporation of text. You can read more about my collage journey here.

If you are interested in attending any of my workshops (some are close to full) then please email me to reserve a place.

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    1. Hi Mary, I am so sorry but I have only just seen this on my site. My workshops are based in Mossley, outside of Ashton Under Lyne, Manchester UK. I’m sorry but I don’t have online courses at the moment although I am looking into it! Thanks Liz

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