Collage creation 3: Making it personal…

The final blog of this 3-part series is about the future direction of my collage work. You can read parts 1 and 2 here. . My collage exploration through 2018 has been informed by my illustration and ‘sense of place’ fascination. I am now keen to immerse myself more in the media as a way of loosening myself up . I intend to become more exploratory and intuitive in my approach.

Making it personal: Preparation


It is interesting that despite making quite a a few ‘finished’ collage pieces this year, I have not started to keep a regular Collage Journal . (Although I did use a concertina sketchbook for a series of collages whilst in Porto for a week!). In my drawing practice, sketchbooks are the very essence of my process! I use them to explore subjects, techniques, styles, to identify compositions and to record details and information. They are my visual diary.

So first up, into the new year I will be keeping a collage journal! I am not setting myself any unrealistic expectations (such as a collage a day!), although I plan to use it at least weekly. I will also be keeping two, running in parallel: one A4 (SeaWhite) and the other A5 (Hahnemuhle). This is because I am unsure what format is going to work best for me (and it may depend on what the specifics are, e.g. whether I want to create a series, the subject matter etc).

written journal

In addition and separately to the collage journal, I am going to keep a Written journal. This is the first time I will have kept one but its been on the cards for a while! A kind of self talk on paper. I don’t intend to be sharing it directly. I’m hoping that by regularly writing I will be able to release ideas that I will use in my collage artwork. Nothing new in the overall scheme of things but its new to me!

Making it personal: Materials

To date, I have been using a myriad of bought papers, labels and elements related more specifically to the collage piece, including tickets, maps and other ‘related materials’. I’m now going to start using papers that I have created by mono printing and my gel plate. I will probably also start using my own drawings and art pieces that I recycle into my collages.

gel mono printing

Text has appeared in most of my collages but I am now going to include it in a more personal way. I will start to experiment using my own handwriting as part of the collage pieces, perhaps using wax resist and acrylic or similar in the first instance. In addition, I have acquired a vintage Royal Series 10 Typewriter. I intend using it to create typed text to include in collage pieces. I will probably supplement this with newspaper print, books and other written text.

vintage typewriter for collage

Making it personal: Subject Matter

To an extent, I think that the subjects I choose in 2019 will be based on the explorations in my written journal. That said, there are a few key topics, that I may explore, as well as keeping with my ‘sense of place’ fascination. These include: landscapes and gardens; plants and food growing; the environment; markets; daily life, aspects of cities’, Libraries. Its a pretty wide remit so watch this space for what I actually produce! Whatever it is, I plan to work mainly in series as I have already started doing on 2018. As for the size and other details, I’ll have to work that out as I go!

Thank you so much for following my collage journey in 2018. I hope that you will come with me as I continue my explorations in 2019.