What have we achieved in 2020? life, art & banana bread

lessons in life, art and banana bread

‘What have we achieved in 2020?’ I asked (out loud). To be fair, I wasn’t specific, I didn’t mention art…..

‘Well you’ve regularly made banana bread, and its improved compared to the first one (at the beginning of lockdown) when you didn’t have the right flour, back in March. But even that one wasn’t bad, and you are still making them and they are improving ‘

came the reply.

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Breathing Space….Is that even a thing?!

Breathing space pembrokeshire

My selected word/phrase for the year is Breathing Space. This idea of a word or phrase for your year, was part of the Juiced up Best Art Year 2020 discussions. You can see my plans for 2020 in my January blog here.  Now, for those of you that know me, it will probably make you laugh out loud!!  Because, I’m not that good at this ‘taking a breather’ notion.  In fact, I’m really hopeless at it.  So, why choose Breathing space and what do I think it’s going to mean for me this year-both in my life and my art?

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