How I start new paintings in the studio

starting new paintings liz ackerley art

This year I am developing a body of landscape work for exhibition at Gallery Oldham in spring 2022 and therefore how I start new paintings is foremost in my mind!   I started my explorations last year , mostly on location so I now have to get going with my studio painting!.    To ensure that I develop enough paintings, I have created a framework with targets and exploration areas for each quarter of the year.

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What have we achieved in 2020? life, art & banana bread

lessons in life, art and banana bread

‘What have we achieved in 2020?’ I asked (out loud). To be fair, I wasn’t specific, I didn’t mention art…..

‘Well you’ve regularly made banana bread, and its improved compared to the first one (at the beginning of lockdown) when you didn’t have the right flour, back in March. But even that one wasn’t bad, and you are still making them and they are improving ‘

came the reply.

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Beginnings: 5 Things to do in the preparing for new artwork development

new beginnings Liz Ackerley Art

For the last couple of weeks I have been procrastinating rather than preparing for new artwork development. There are a number of reasons why I think I’ve been hesitant. Firstly, I am doing something much bigger than I have done before in terms of the amount and variety of work. Secondly it’s a new area of work for me, (albeit with a common thread of my interest in Place). This means that there is more uncertainty of how it will evolve (although that is what makes it exciting!). Thirdly, it’s for a joint exhibition so there are insecurities about ensuring the work delivers and fits together to form a cohesive story!

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